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LogZab – Audit Trails as a Service

Protect Your Business from Fraud. Audit logs ≠ system logs. Control and monitor the access of information within your organization apps. No more guessing who did what.

AI Audit & Analytic
Threat Detection

TrackWith Visitor Analytic

Alternative to Google Analytic that prioritizes privacy. Track website performance, understand user behavior, and make data-driven decisions without compromising visitor’s privacy.

SentFrom Email Marketings

Boost revenue growth with an easy email marketing service. High deliverability, AI email generator, and huge email templates library. Reach your audience effectively while captivating them with visually appealing content.

Stor8 Cloud Storage

Easy, Secure Decentralized Cloud Storage for Everyone. Experience the fast & secure decentralized cloud storage in user-friendly interface. No technical expertise required, just like using other popular cloud storage.

No-Code Popup Builder

Build Engaging Pop-up Without Writing Code. Convert visitors into leads, grow youtube channel, boost subscribers, gather customer feedback, in easy way.